Entech, Inc. first opened its doors in 1995 as a full-service, tire-recycling facility. For more than 20 years, we have been researching new ways to give old tires a second life. We have specialized in returning this recycled material to the market as high-quality, environmentally-safe, and durable crumb and micronized rubber powders. Entech is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We believe the synergy we’ve acquired from owning and operating a trucking company, a machining and fabrication plant, and a processing facility has enabled us to offer the highest degree of service and reliability to our customers. Our skilled staff, specialized equipment, and more than 20 years of experience more than qualify us to meet all of your crumb and micronized rubber powder needs. We are capable of producing all sizes of these powders. If you have a specific project you are interested in using it for, contact us here.


Our production facility is located in northern Indiana, adjacent to the Indiana 80/90 Toll Road. This centralized, Midwestern location enables our sister company, Paxco Inc., to provide fast, cost-competitive transportation to a wide variety of customers. Our other sister company, Jomar Inc., provides us with state-of-the-art production equipment, which keeps us running efficiently with minimal downtime. Jomar also manufactures and rebuilds all types of tire recycling equipment for other tire recyclers. Operating our own equipment has enabled us to design and build recycling equipment that is highly serviceably, efficient, and durable.


At Entech, our primary focus is matching you with a quality product. Our full-time lab personnel consult and participate in standardized organizations such as the American Society for Testing and and Materials (ASTM) and the Synthetic Turf Council to ensure that our material meets worldwide industry standards.


In order to produce clean, uncontaminated, all-black rubber powder, the production lines that process truck and car tires are completely separate. Upon arrival at the manufacturing facility, car and truck tires are separated at the tire loading dock and do not come into contact with each other throughout the rest of the manufacturing process. Our automated bagging system also contributes to eliminating the possibility of cross contamination. This processing arrangement was purposely developed to avoid fiber contamination from the whole tire material (car tires) from entering the all-black rubber powder (truck tire) product. As a result, our all-black rubber powder contains only trace amounts of fiber and is the most desirable rubber powder for synthetic turf infill and other crumb rubber applications.


Entech’s wholly-owned trucking company, Paxco Inc, is committed to providing our customers with prompt, reliable transportation service. Boasting a large truck fleet and a wide variety of trailer sizes and styles, Paxco can handle any project regardless of the specific hauling requirements. Ownership of a trucking company helps Entech to ensure that each shipment is loaded in a clean trailer and delivered in a timely manner.