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Entech is a full-service tire recycling facility. In business since 1995, we service the Midwest with licensed scrap tire hauling and processing. We return this scrap to market as environmentally safe and durable products which we deliver to customers nationwide. Please give us a call or send us an email and let us know how we can be of service to you.


Over the years, tire manufacturers have continued to improve the quality of the tires that they produce. This being said, it has also made the tires much more durable and harder to disassemble by us, the tire recyclers. We have to continue to improve the methods with which we take the tires back apart. It's our goal here at Entech Inc. to make so all of the components derived from the tire are reusable for beneficial purposes.


With rising costs and the depletion of virgin materials, as well as consumer push for green products, manufacturers are continuing to look for new ways to make products using recycled rubber products. Entech Inc. supplies ground rubber of many sizes to be used for these purposes. Current products using these products include molding and extrusion, asphalt, sports fields, tennis courts, running tracks, equestrian riding arenas, playgrounds and steel production.